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A journey to all things that matter


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Α journey to all things that matter.

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About us

Back to the Routes is a journey to all things that matter: unspoiled nature, real food that goes from farm to table, animals that get to grow up freely, beaches with crystal waters and no sunbeds, friends that meet by chance and catch up over dinner. Αll that under the light of Greek philoxenia, the ancient love for the wandering traveler and all those in need of shelter.

Back to the Routes is a personal journey, or better, a collection of personal journeys in the land of Greece. It is the collection of our childhood journeys that we started with our parents, who taught us to love and appreciate simple things in life and that we later continued ourselves.

It is this love we want to share with you today with our Back to the Routes roadtrips. Always with great respect to Greek nature, our history and our people. Kalo taxidi!

Our founders

Danae & Tina met back in 2014, when Tina had just started another innovative travel project, Alternative Athens, and Danae had been working as a guide for nearly a decade.

Danae believed in Tina’s crazy ideas and Tina believed in Danae’s brilliant guiding mind and ever since they have been having lots of fun embarking on all sorts of adventures exploring Greece and designing travel experiences together.

Back to the Routes is a Covid gift, a child born and raised during the two long years of lockdowns. Here’s how 😊

danae kousouri


Some of the most powerful memories of my childhood are the scent of the leather seat of our car, the air coming in through the window and my parents’ stories to keep me and my sister from fighting in the back seat...

My body and mind traveled for years in that car. It took us to countless parts of Greece,all connected to stories that I never forgot. This is how I created my own treasure map of Greece, in my heart and mind.Years passed, the car changed, my seat in it changed, some of the places changed too, but my love for travel & discovery never changed. So when Covid hit in 2020 and traveling was no longer possible, Tina's idea to create Back to the Routes got me back on track.

And so we created these road trips, going back to the places we loved as children and others we discovered later, all full of stories and people that make up the mosaic of Greece and our understanding of the Greek culture. Although we won't be with you on the road, you ‘ll have our words, our tips, our stories, to keep you company.

You’ll have everything you need to create your own treasure map of Greece.

tina kyriaki


As with mostly everything in my childhood, traveling was a ground of contradiction: From one side, my mother’s love for new places and experiences and from the other, my father’s love for familiar and known things. I sided with my mother.

It was the trips I did with her that opened the door to enthusiasm for the new and the unexpected. Growing up, I continued to open closed doors and explore new worlds. But I wanted to share my findings, so Alternative Athens and Back to the Routes were born. Both sprung in times of desolation, one during the 2010 financial crisis and the other during the 2020 Covid pandemic.

Back to the Routes is my journey not into the new this time, but back to simple things that really matter in life: family, friends, real food, unspoiled nature. It’s all the things I grew up with in Greece, a country of great contradictions, but still blessed in so many ways.

I hope our Routes will help you take a new look at all the things that matter in your life too.

Enjoy the ride!

An innovative way to travel

Back to the routes is an innovative travel concept like nothing you’ve experienced before as an independent traveler.

human relaxing swimming in beautiful sea with rocks

Local insight & DIY freedom

Our road trips combine curated itineraries with lots of local insight, as if you had an actual guide with you, and the freedom to customize your trip on-the-go according to your personal preferences

Time well used

We enable you to make the best use of your limited time in Greece through carefully planned itineraries, well calculated visiting & deviation times, day per day activities, tips for hidden spots, restaurants and local shops.

Trip App

We give you all that in a super organized way in an App with online & offline maps and rich content that you can access every step of the way

Sustainable Travel

All our road trips are carbon neutral. This means that we compensate each time for the emissions each trip produces, by reducing CO2 emissions in other parts of the world


And all that with the safety that whatever happens our team of expert is there of you every step of the way!

sustainable travel

Sustainable Travel

All our trips are carbon neutral and offer options to visit lesser touristic destinations. We choose small, family-run accommodations that support the local communities and let the traveler get closer to the Greek way of life.